Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scott Sucks!

OK, Ive been slacking on my promise to comment on Scott's weekly email
address to state employees, so let me start of by commenting on a
point in the first paragraph, Scott wants to "eliminate burdensome
regulation," but think about if for a second, regulations typically
have a purpose, sure, it is a hassle to have to do an environmental
impact study when developing land in environmentally sensitive areas,
but it is necessary to protect our natural resources (which are difficult to
put a dollar value onto) from wanton development. And
wait a minute, isnt deregulation of the financial market one of the
primary components that triggered the economic crash. Allowing
recklessly risky investment decisions, giving out bogus loans for
homes, Ponzi schemes, etc. Oh, and he says we wants to give every
Floridian an opportunity to work, didn't he just sign language that
cut a significant portion of the state employee workforce? And i guess
he doesnt think education is necessary for a job considering he cut
funding for higher education facility advancements.

Random thought, why is it that FoxNews does not allow users to log in
and comment on articles? I have two theories, they are either scarred
of how ignorant and obnoxious their readers will sound if they allowed
them to post comments, OR, they are scarred to allow any other point
of view have access to their zombie audience. Strange huh, every other
online news outlet allows users to comment, some of them do not even
require users be members.

SCOTT email:
"This week we learned that since I became Governor in January, Florida
has added 85,500 new jobs.  In fact, Florida continues to buck the
national trend in unemployment, maintaining a steady rate in June,
even while the national rate continued to climb. My goal is to make
sure every Floridian has the opportunity to get a job.  While we know
we will not achieve this goal overnight, the steps we are taking to
lower taxes, streamline government, and eliminate burdensome
regulation is leading Florida in the right direction."

Saturday, June 25, 2011


So every Friday evening, just before I'm ready to go home and enjoy the weekend, I get a message from my least favorite idiot, the super spinster, tea bag darlin Rick Scott. And each time I am foolish enough to open the email and read it. And each time I read it, it blows my mind, OMG, does this guy have really have the nerve to address us like this? So I'm a state employee, a fish and wildlife research scientist, and i get pissed each time I read these emails from Scott addressed to All state employees. This Blog is dedicated to analyzing those emails.